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Beeswax Candle Gift Ideas

If you're looking for a unique gift for anyone who loves candles, consider ones made out of natural beeswax—such as Bee Healthy Candles. Not only do they have an appealing design and appearance, but they're also eco-friendly as well. 

Beeswax has several benefits over traditional paraffin and even soy candle wax. Beeswax is known for having the highest melting point, and it also drips less than other types of wax, making for a cleaner-looking candle. Beeswax also features a soot-free burn, making it more environmentally friendly than the other types of wax, as well as safer for people and pets with breathing issues. 

If the gift recipient is sensitive to synthetic fragrances, beeswax candles are the best choice as they feature an all-natural scent of honey. Although the fragrance is light, the candles will still give a room an understated sweet, earthy scent. Since they don't have a strong smell, beeswax candles are ideal for use around food on the dinner table. 

Beeswax candles are available in a variety of shapes and sizes, depending on your gift-giving budget. Choose from small or large tapers, votives, or tea lights. Some even come in decorative jars. 

Here are some additional beeswax candle gift ideas:

1. Beeswax Candle Gift Sets 

If you can't decide what type of beeswax candle to buy your friend or loved one, go with a gift set featuring a variety of shapes and sizes. A set may feature a mix of tapers, votives and tea lights, or a few of the same type. 

Look for a set in a high-quality wicker basket that the recipient can use to hold washcloths, toiletries, or any other bathroom item after the candles are gone. Some sets may also include honey-scented soap, lotion, hand cream, or bath salts for a well-rounded, pampering gift.

2. Decorative Beeswax Candles 

Although traditional beeswax candles are plain yellow and feature a honeycomb appearance, they're also available in decorative glass jars. Pick a jar in the recipient's favorite color or one that features a design he or she would love, such as butterflies or dogs. 

As another option, purchase a plain beeswax candle and then decorate it any way you'd like using art supplies. For instance, wrap a pretty ribbon or a piece of rustic twine around it, and then attach a gift tag.  Finish the gift with a glass candle holder or jar, which you can enhance yourself using craft paints, glitter glue, or even stickers for a customized look.