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How to Create a Personalized Gift Basket as Your Next Hostess Gift

Showing up to a dinner or lunch party empty-handed can make you look a little bad in regards to your social standing. Rather than showing up with just another bottle of wine, why not come up with something a bit more personalized like a gift basket? That way you make an impression that will ensure that you get invited back sometime soon. Read on to learn more about personalized and thoughtful gifts. 

1. Personalized Notepad

Notepads are one of those things that people always need to have around. Whether you need a quick piece of paper to jot a number down when you're on a phone call or you're the type of person who likes a hard copy of a grocery list, having a notepad around is (next to a good set of knives) basically a kitchen necessity. To really one-up your hostess gift game, consider getting them a personalized monogrammed notepad with either their first or last name initial. Also, look for a notepad that has a magnet attached to the back of it so they can hang it on their refrigerator for easy access. 

2. Cute Pen

What goes better with a personalized notepad than a cute pen? Look for a designer-style pen that either has a monogram on it to match the notepad or one that comes in a fun print so that it stands out from all of their other pens. If you can, try to get one with a magnet on it so that they can hang it next to their notepad right on their fridge. 

3. Yummy Snacks

No, you're not going to want to put a bag of cookies from the grocery store in your basket; instead, you're going to want to do some yummy high-end snacks like candy-coated almonds, organic nuts, dried fruits, or even some fresh fruits. Then, it gives your hostess the opportunity to unwrap them and share them at your dinner or lunch; helping to feed everyone before the big meal is served. 

4. A Scented Candle

Scented candles also make a great addition to any gift basket. When you are choosing a candle scent, look for one that is more of a subtle scent that they can put in their kitchen like lavender, lemon, or even rosemary. 

To learn a little bit more about monogrammed and customized gifts, reach out to a company that offers these and other gift options.