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Three Reasons Why You Should Buy Scrap Gold

If you are in the market for gold and gold vendors, then you should strongly consider buying scrap gold over typical gold ores or even stocks linked to the price of gold. Here are three reasons why.

Local Or Worldwide Opportunities

One of the best reasons to buy scrap gold is simply because you can easily find scrap gold in a variety of places right in your town. Malls typically have gold for sale, as do jewelry stores and sometimes local scrap material vendors. Most likely, you have any one of these used gold vendors (or others) available in your area. If you aren't interested in finding gold in your own town, you can also buy scrap gold from a number of online retailers, such as eBay.

Recycled Is Cleaner

Another good reason why you should strongly consider buying scrap gold as opposed to newly minted gold coins or ore is that the mining industry has a dramatic effect on the environment. Mining disrupts the local environment and can contaminate groundwater while also risking sinkholes and other geological faults in the local community. Mining is a also difficult job, and frequently dangerous. Buying used goods, in general, is a great way to reduce your environmental impact on the world, and buying used gold not only provides the benefits of gold investment but also reduces the need for mining.

Gold Scrap Can Be Safer

Gold is very easy to invest in, as all you need is enough money to either buy gold bullion or, alternatively, shares in equity that tracks the price of gold. This means buying a stock that replicates the price of gold or invests in gold production itself. This option is cheaper but unlike buying physical gold it's also riskier. These stocks fluctuate differently than gold itself does, and frequently more often - stocks fluctuate on a minute-to-minute basis, while gold prices are more stable. Additionally, gold-based funds may not accurately follow the price of gold, and therefore diminish your investment's ability to protect against inflation or economic downfalls.

Overall, there are many reasons that you should consider buying scrap gold over new gold bullion or market funds based on gold production. Scrap is very easy to find, and as it is already mined and sold second-hand there is less of an environmental impact. Additionally, physical gold is a safer investment than gold-related stocks that try to match the price of gold or the value of the industry. If you are looking to expand your investments, consider buying scrap gold today.