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Types Of Night Lights To Consider Buying For Your Home

Night lights are useful for many reasons. You may want one to slightly illuminate your baby's room so you can check on them without having to turn on a light. You might have a child that's afraid of sleeping in the dark, or you may want night lights to make it safer to walk around your house in the middle of the night. There are many types of night lights you can buy in various styles. A good place to shop for them is at your local hardware store where you will find a large variety. Here are some types of night lights you may want to consider.

Motion-Detecting Lights

If you want night lights that illuminate the way to the bathroom or kitchen at night, then motion detecting lights are a good choice. They don't burn all the time, they just come on when they detect movement. They create enough light so you can walk in the dark without fear of tripping or stepping on your dog. A night light in your bathroom can prevent the need to turn on the main light, which might trigger you into fully awakening. Alternatives to motion-detecting lights are lights that come on automatically at night and shut off during the day, and night lights that turn on and off with a switch.

LED Night Lights

Night lights can last for many years and use very little electricity, especially when you buy ones that have LED lights in them. LED lights are perfect when you want the lights to burn all night long, and when you want large lights for outdoors. Some outdoor night lights operate on batteries and emit strong enough light to act as security lights, and to illuminate steps and sidewalks.

Red-Spectrum Lights

When you're shopping for night lights at the hardware store, you may want to look for red-spectrum lights. These may be the best choice when you leave a night light on all night in the room where you sleep. Blue light, which is what is emitted from most standard light bulbs, can interfere with your sleep rhythm more than red lights. You can buy a night light with a colored bulb or with a tinted cover so blue light is kept at a minimum for the best night's rest.

Projection Night Lights

When it comes to buying night lights for a young child's room, you'll have many choices. Some are projection lights that shine patterns or stars onto the ceiling. Others are made into cute styles that look like animals, princesses, or action figures. When buying lights for your child's room, you probably want the lowest illumination possible that makes your child still feel safe, so the light won't interfere with sleeping.

The nice thing about night lights is that they are inexpensive to buy and operate. They make your home safer at night, and you have many options so you can find the style with features you want most. You can visit a local hardware store like Koontz Hardware for more information.