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Have A Bunch Of Old Electronics You Want To Get Rid Of? Scrap The Gold Or Resell Them

If you have tons of old electronics and cell phones that you have to get rid of, and you aren't sure if you can make a profit off any of the items, there are some things to consider. You want to get any money that you can before you get rid of all the items, since they were all costly at the time of purchase. Here are some of the things that you can look into, to get the most for the devices that are just laying around your home.

Cell Phone Repair Shops

At a cell phone repair shop, you will be able to sell phones with cracked screens, no charges, and that are damaged and broken. The cell phone repair professionals can easily repair and replace parts or damaged screens, and then they resell the phones for a profit. If you can't repair the phone, sell it to the repair shop and get something rather than nothing for it.

Gold Buyers

 There are many gold components in electronic devices. If you have several used and older electronics and you want to get rid of them, contact a gold buying professional. They will want the bulk of the electronics so they can extract the gold out of each piece. There may be gold plates, gold coating wiring and other gold features on the devices. Instead of trying to take apart the devices or spending time searching for the gold, just sell them the pieces. There may be other items around your home the gold buyers want as well.

Resale Shop

Some people will by older versions of printers, televisions, cell phones and other items if they aren't expensive. Try a resale shop if you have items that you don't think are worth a lot because of their gold, but you still think you want to make some money off them. You can also try a garage sale page on the Internet or the classified ads.

If you have some items that you aren't sure how to get rid of or that you can't make a profit off of, you want to be sure that you recycle the items properly so they don't damage the planet. A local trade school or high school may also want the items so that the students can work on them. Look into all these options so you can make the most profit and dispose of everything responsibly.