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Six Store-Bought Gifts That Are Easy For Anyone To Personalize

Sometimes life gets hectic and finding time to make handmade gifts is slim. Since it is the thought that counts, why not simply put a personal touch on something you buy in a store? This shows the recipient that you care, without eating up a lot of your time.

Six store-bought gifts that are so simple to customize or embellish are:

  1. Embroidered keepsakes. Look for merchants who can provide embroidery services locally or check out online options. Consider adding a simple embroidered monogram or motif to the corner of a throw, scarf, tea-towel, or baby's bib, depending on your recipient.
  2. Painted wine-glass. Buy a couple inexpensive wine glasses or goblets and personalize with some acrylic paint. Check out online tutorials for how to make glasses that will become cherished gifts when you add your own flair.
  3. Bejeweled caps. Does your recipient need some bling? Add jewels, studs, and rhinestones to caps and hats with a simple device from your crafting store. This is also a fun way to bring some style to totes and recyclable shopping bags, too.
  4. Pretty picture frame. For a great gift in a hurry, keep a few standard 5" x 7" picture frames on hand. These are easy to personalize with a hot glue gun and buttons, beads, dried flowers, twigs, or other small items. Add a print of a favorite photo for a one-of-a-kind gift.
  5. Applique patches. You can also find cool applique embroidery designs widely online to dress-up a pair of jeans, a tee-shirt, a bag, or a bath-towel for a special and simple gift idea. Stitch or secure the patch according to the recommended application for best results.
  6. Tasteful tassels. Another quick and easy way to personalize a gift is with tiny tassels; pick some of these notions up at a crafting or discount store to have ready for adorning your gifts. These are ideal for bringing some fun to the corners of a throw-pillow, the ends of a scarf, on a key-ring, or affixed to a pair of French-wires for a distinctive pair of earrings!

Talk to professional embroiderers about personalizing the items that you buy or think ahead to order online. Keep an eye out year-round for inexpensive items that you could personalize later for a special event

Got a birthday or special occasion coming up? Use these six suggestions for gifts that are heartfelt, personal, and well-loved; these ideas are easy enough for anyone to customize with a few basic supplies from an arts and crafts store.